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Second Mission: Ephraim Ellis's Birthday

Brit and I would like to thank you for all your submissions and cooperation during our first project. We hope to see the same enthusiasm in future projects. Without and further adu, I present you our second project...

We are going to comprise a birthday book (sort of like a scrapbook) for Ephraim Ellis (Rick) of special birthday wishes to him from all of us.

Each one of you (if you wish) could decorate, write a letter w/ pictures, make a collage of his favorite things, etc. that will be including in this "scrapbook". Be as creative as you can. One word of advice, though, try to stray from loading your pages with pictures of him. I'm sure he has a mirror and knows what he looks like, lol. One or two pictures of him would be okay, though. Here are the technicals:

1. Messages must not contain heavy profanity. Nothing explicit (I'm sure you can use your best judgment) will be allowed either. Basically nothing you wouldn't show your mother.
2. Please do not insult anyone in your message (i.e. "You shouldn't like Manny, she's completely ugly, I would be so much better!)
3. I know Rick wasn't exactly the nicest guy on Degrassi, but don't reflect that upon Ephraim. Please separate the two. Don't write messages such as, "How could you shoot Jimmy! I'm glad you died!" Also, please refrain from putting pictures of guns on your page unless it is a picture from Degrassi. Compliments concerning Rick are okay (i.e. "You pulled off that psycho act real well!")
4. You may make up to 4 8'x11' pages (or 2 pages front and back) that will be used in the book. Make sure there is nothing hanging off the edges on the paper. It will be cut off. Also, please do not decorate within a half inch of each edge for it make be covered when bound.
5. Follow these ways of submission:
a) Email: You can submit your messages using an attachment only with your pages in Microsoft Word (.doc) or JPEG format. If there are problems with your submission not opening, I will notify you. It might sound a bit tedious, but it's easier this way. Send submissions to: sk8ercutey13@aol.com
b) Mail: You could also physically send your pages/message through the mail if you like. Please email me at the same address as posted above and state that you are a part of this project and your name. I will then reply with the address to send it to.


If you have and questions or concerns, please email me. Have fun!

Note: I am also in charge of John Bregar's birthday. You can send both submissions (for Ephraim and John) to me at the same time if you'd like (same on postage costs). I will be posting
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